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COVID-19: How Web Developers Are Helping the U.S Fight Back

By: Faith S.
Date: April ,27th 2020

Countries around the world have been ravaged by the effects of the newest strain of corona virus. In many regions, there’s not enough protective and life-saving medical equipment to go around. Businesses are going bankrupt after being forced to close. Unemployment is the highest its been since the great depression with some estimates putting us at almost 20% as of mid-April.

While we send our whole-hearted support to the medical professionals and other front-liners who are risking their health every day to help the rest of us survive this crisis, there are also some tangible ways we web developers and designers can do our part for our fellow Americans, and indeed the world.

Websites for Small Businesses

Probably the most obvious way web designers and developers are contributing to stabilization in the US is by helping small businesses establish digital storefronts that will help keep them afloat during shelter-in-place mandates, curfews, and quarantines. eCommerce has grown more than 25% since January as the country is gradually being forced to do most of their shopping online. For many, these websites make the difference between bankruptcy and survival.

The same is true for those businesses that already had an online presence, but didn’t have the functionality they need to rely solely on that presence for revenue. Web developers are able to upgrade those sites with payment processing, security, and other necessary features.

App Development

One of the most difficult challenges surrounding this pandemic is the spread of false information and the inability to access needed information. Several apps are currently in the works or have already been made to help citizens receive instruction when they’re experiencing symptoms, to allow doctors to share case studies and relevant information that could lead to better treatment options, and to keep people up to date on the latest preventative measures.

Product Development

One of the direst needs at the moment is more ventilators for people with severe forms of COVID-19. Many hospitals and entire regions are being forced to save the available ventilators for patients who have a higher chance of recovery, leaving many elderly and otherwise complicated cases without life-saving medical equipment.

Also in development are the serums made of antibodies from former COVID-19 patients. As with ventilators and hydroxychloroquine, this serum, which can improve immunity and chances of survival, is in short supply and high demand.

Web developers around the world are busy creating sites and platforms for the companies developing these products, so they can communicate efficiently, share data, and accelerate their timelines to save more lives.

How You Can Help

Volunteers with web design and development skills are needed for each of these initiatives. Resources are slim and need is high, so it’s going to take a village to keep the economy rolling and to save as many lives as possible.

If you have experience in web design, take a look at the Tech for America application to find out if you can help design and build websites for the small businesses around the country who need your help. Collaborate with Covid Watch if you’d like to help develop apps that will help victims of COVID-19.

A quick Google search will reveal many other volunteer positions where you can put your skills to work to help your community, your country, and your planet.

How we can help

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