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Free 1 Hour Strategy Session

You don’t want to jump into outsourcing without knowing what your provider has to offer. Meet our team and learn about our strategies to decide if we’re right for your business.

Free 1 Hour Strategy Session

You’re in the right place if you are

a new business

Take pride in announcing your new project to family and friends with appropriate branding, a professional website, business email and social presence that shows you know what you’re doing as a business leader.

a software product

Ready to disrupt industries? or do you need a solution for your business to grow and scale to the next level. Our strategy session will help outline your plan, define your requirements and plan ahead with confidence.

Looking for new ways to grow your business

Once we get to know your customer types and dive into the science of how they make decisions, we can present solutions that are outside of the box to help your business grow in ways you’ve never imagined.

Here’s a quick overview of the agenda

We Listen

To Understand

& Evaluate

Your Options

Let’s get on the same page about your mission and vision

We’ll get to know you and your business and discuss the development of your foundations if needed.

Understand what’s currently working and not working

Before we start implementing new strategies, we need to identify opportunities for improvement.

Evaluate a different solution approach

Once your opportunities are identified, we can implement customized strategies for success.

Explore new options to reach your growth targets

With your existing campaigns fully optimized, we can explore options for accelerating your growth.

In this introductory session you’ll receive incredible value

This is more than a standard consultation. We’ll introduce you to our marketing, design, and development processes, get to know your brand and goals, and answer all of your questions. 

***This session is at no charge with no pressure to work with us.

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“The DDN team was patient and transparent with me from the beginning. As a small start-up, these characteristics are very important to me. I loved their business strategy sessions. They
were able to walk me through the process on both the app design/dev side but also marketing my company and product. I am very grateful for what I’ve learned from their team and would highly recommend! Even if you are not sure about your next steps, it’s worth talking to them!”.

Eva Weinstein


“I have been working with Design Develop Now on several projects and I’ve been very impressed with how responsive they are. They are very creative and bring good ideas to the table.” –

John Reidy PTG

Let's talk. One conversation can change everything.

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