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Integrate your physical location and web presence to stay afloat during social distancing and boost your business for years to come.
Businesses across the United States are being forced to digitize in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. As more and more safeguards are put in place, customers are less and less able to access brick and mortar locations, but online sales are up 25% since January. Get your business online now to minimize your losses and continue providing your valuable service to the community.

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Getting Online Quickly Won’t Just Save Your Business For The Time Being.
Your Custom Website Will Bring In A Huge New Audience.
Take Advantage of the 2020 eCommerce Boom
Create a Web Presence That Will Last Long After COVID
Offer Your Customers a Custom Interface That Works
The 2020 eCommerce Boom
As offline purchasing power crashes, online purchasing power is in a steep climb. Social distancing, quarantines, shelter orders, and curfews are forcing buyers to look online for the products they need. Digitize your brick and mortar location to take advantage of the dramatic rise in click-and-pick and home delivery orders.
Establishing Your Web Presence
No one knows how long the COVID-19 issue is going to last or how long we’ll be suffering from the after-effects. What we do know is that your business will benefit from a professional online presence long after the country is safe and healthy again. Get online and enjoy a lasting boost in sales from your new digital audience.
Customized Design for Your Business
Digitizing a brick and mortar location isn’t always as simple as creating an eCommerce store. Design Develop Now will create a customized interface – complete with video, images, and textual content – where your clients and customers can get everything they need quickly and easily.

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