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Logo Design is the process of creating (or recreating) your brand's unique identifer. Your Logo is your first point of contact with any customer. It is your chance to grab the attention of your audience. It is the very first step when starting or even rebranding a company.

Our Process

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Concepts Sketched

Before we begin, we under your business and purpose so we can determine the emotional motivators that will influence your customers 

Here we review the competition and observe what works for your industry to get inspiration. In this phase, we get a feel for what your successful competitors look like and what artwork this industry responds to.

We get down with Pencil and Paper and sketch over 50+ rough ideas

We narrow down the sketches to a handful of options and bring those onto the computer

Here we finalize and present 4 concepts along with creative reasoning for each concept

Logo Example 1 (American Rx Direct)


Final Result

Logo Breakdown

Logo Example 2 (B'Adored Waist Beads)


Final Result

Logo Breakdown

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