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Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Business

Running a business now has become dependent online and, for small businesses, it may at first be daunting to think of the competition vs bigger companies.  However, with the stiff competition, you can take it to the next level by having a mobile app.  What are the benefits of mobile apps for small businesses?

First of all, you should know that in the US alone, as of August 2021, there are 290 million smartphone users or a whopping 87% of the US population.

Further, ownership of mobile devices among consumers is expected to continue growing to 311 million by 2025 according to Statista:

Around the world, there are 6.73 billion smartphone users, even more opportunities for a business with a mobile app!

Mobile devices are also the most popular means of browsing the net at 66%, overtaking the pc.

With these figures, mobile apps for business establishments, whether big or small, are definitely an opportunity for a marketing boost in terms of brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

1. Provide a Direct Marketing Channel

Once a customer downloads your mobile app,  they become part of your customer base, and it secures user engagement, giving your business a competitive edge.

Customers need not browse for products and services similar to yours since they can directly go to your mobile app and that is a huge plus in boosting sales.

This direct means of communication also reminds customers whenever you have marketing promos without having the need to advertise.

2. Widen Your Business’s Digital Exposure

While your website is still your most important online marketing tool to get new customers, having a mobile app increases customer engagement, and thus, leads to sales. 

Your app is the mobile-friendly medium of your business, provides easy access to your products and services, which customers love!

Imagine how much easier it is to sell with a mobile app, providing customers a portable access to your products/service. With both a website and an app, you further strengthen your marketing.

3. Fast, Easy, and Consistent Customer Service Availability

customer support

Customers have increasingly continued to use mobile apps because of 24/7 availability, providing fast and easy solutions to complete transactions without having to wait for business hours. In essence, business continues 24/7, offering an overall better customer service.  This value to your customers leads to customer satisfaction.

4. Strengthen Customer Loyalty

The customer satisfaction that comes as a result of better customer service, plus the convenience of easy access will greatly strengthen loyalty to the brand.  This can be further improved by launching a loyalty program to ensure customer retention.

When customers have downloaded your mobile app, it is now your chance to keep them coming back by using loyalty programs in many ways. For example:

  • A loyalty program that gives instant rewards or rewards by way of accumulated points
  • A referral program to get more members

Thus, your customers are not only helpful in terms of direct sales and mobile app engagement but also serve as your marketing channel.

5. Increase Brand Awareness and Build Your Brand

branding for Mobile Apps for Small Business

Mobile apps are a good way to strengthen your brand and improve customer retention to give companies a competitive edge. From the logo to the functions and features of your app, it is quite easy to increase awareness and engagement with your customers.

Along with brand recognition is the brand identity of how your customers have come to perceive your company in terms of value and user experience with your mobile app.

6. Promote Products and Services

Mobile apps once downloaded help business owners in promoting new offers, products, or services through push notifications.  This will keep customers interested and at the same time launch your products/services faster without the need for more expensive promotional channels such as ads.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Business

As a business owner, you can also customize the push notifications of your mobile app to send reminders that are relevant to the customers’ interests. This means more value to users and increased engagement with the app.

7. Engage with Customers

One of the most important benefits of mobile apps for business is the communication and interaction with customers. Being able to connect with your app users will mean increased rapport, and thus,  loyalty.

You will also be able to address the concerns of customers more readily.

customer engagement with a mobile app

The fact that customers are active on your mobile app will also push your app to greater visibility the competitive digital market.

It is never enough that customers downloaded your app. Being visible in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store is also dependent on whether your app is being actively used. Hence, encouraging app usage by customers by way of push notifications or

Building a mobile application indeed has a lot of advantages and is a good means of expanding your digital footprint in addition to your website.

8. Provide Channel for Customers’ Feedback

You can also get insights and feedback from your customers faster. This will help you as a business owner to improve on your products and/or services or even features of your mobile app.

The best source of mobile app development in terms of features, products, and services is the users/consumers themselves. Aside from surveys within an app, you can also have a feedback widget/prompt.

Having these feedback channels allows you to provide fast solutions and thus avoid bad reviews on Google Play or Apple’s app store.

9. Gain Access to Data Analytics

Another benefit when you create a mobile app for your business is that you gain valuable insights that will help you better serve your customers. How?

With Data Analytics, you know the overall performance of your mobile app, from your app users, mobile devices, tracking their interaction and journey through your app. This includes how the customers connect and engage with your mobile app leading to conversion and retention.

Data analytics will also show which retention programs are most effective. Shall it be coupons? Points systems? Freebies for certain actions taken by users?

data analytics of mobile apps

10. Integrate with Social Media

Mobile apps get even faster and better marketing boost through social media. It is through these platforms that you get more mobile app downloads at a faster rate.

To make app downloads even faster, add social media sharing buttons and encourage signups via social media accounts so that sharing on those platforms will be smooth and seamless.

Businesses that Will Benefit Most from Mobile Apps

Contrary to what most business owners think, a mobile app for your business can have different types, depending on your business’s purpose.

Some businesses may seem small but they can indeed have the potential to make millions!

Here are some ideas or examples of mobile apps according to different businesses:

Some simple mobile apps

  • Health and Fitness e.g. exercise apps, quit-smoking app, meditation apps
  • Food  – food delivery apps, recipes
  • Travel – booking apps, direction apps
  • Utility apps – package delivery, laundry pick up and delivery, emergency repairs app
  • Gaming and Entertainment apps

Promoting Your App

Now that you know the benefits of mobile apps for business, it is important to know that app development is only the start. There are 2.56 million apps in Google Play Store, so to make your app discovered by customers, you need to promote it actively online.

Just like websites have Search Engine Optimization to make sites appear prominently on search engines’ first page, mobile apps also have their counterpart – App Search Optimization or ASO. Ranking in Apple App Store or Google Play Store. So why is ASO important?

With dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of mobile apps that are possibly similar to yours, the number of downloads is not the only factor, but also how active the users are on a particular app.

Similar to website traffic, mobile applications can stand out in your niche with customers actively using your app. When your app gets a lot of downloads and regular usage, this will push your app’s visibility in the App Store/Play store.

You want your app to rank organically especially if its potential market is users around the world. Imagine having a quit-smoking app or a fitness app that can be used around the world? The potential earnings will be easily into the millions!

That being said, here are the ways to promote your mobile app:

Search Engine Optimization

Have a website that promotes the features of your mobile app and provide the link to download it.

For example, you have a quit-smoking app. You want your site to talk about the dangers of smoking and how your app is the answer to kick the habit.

Social Platforms

Make your mobile app easily shareable on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Give incentives to download the app. FB Advertising is also a good way as long as it follows the community guidelines.

Google Ads

During the launch phase of your app, be aggressive with your ads. Promote your app, your website that links to the app, or both.

Influencer Marketing

Explore the possibility of hiring an influencer to promote your app. Instagram is a rich source for influencer marketing as long as you choose your brand representative wisely.

It is not enough that you check the number of followers, check the engagement as well. Check the potential of the influencer via the Influencer Marketing Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do small businesses need mobile apps?

Small businesses will definitely benefit from mobile apps for their business for several reasons: they can build and retain a customer base, have a direct communication channel and feedback mechanism with them, and be able to promote products and/or services without having the need to spend on advertising.

What are the advantages of mobile apps?

Mobile apps have several advantages.  They are the most cost-effective means of selling and promoting products and services to already loyal customers for business continuity and are a medium for collecting feedback from them.

They also increase brand awareness as well as gather data as to how customers behave within the app, track their sales journey, and see what features are most and least useful which will be good for product development/service improvement.

How do I create a mobile app for my business?

Mobile app development is best left to a company that specializes in it.  This is because developers are experts in creating mobile applications that create a good, seamless user experience.

It is good practice though for clients to be always involved in the planning so that the developer can fully understand the purpose of the app and be able to create one that will include all the features to achieve the business goals.

app development for small business

Can I make an app for free?

While there are app builders available, it is best to leave app development to the experts.  As your app represents your business, you must make sure that it provides a user experience. Also, mobile apps require maintenance and constant improvement, which means possibly adding new features or removing them.

How much does it cost to get an app for your business?

To have a mobile app, it starts at $4500, depending on the specifications needed for your business goals. This also requires monthly maintenance.  Maintenance is extremely crucial to its success as there will most likely be new features and updates, interface changes, bugs to be fixed, and more.

What are some good ideas for apps?

Apps can be anywhere from local or for use by a greater audience. Mobile apps need not be complex. Think of simple everyday tasks that you wish could be done more easily.

Got a grocery store? Have a recipe app that allows the customer to just select all the ingredients and checkout on your app. Have a laundry shop? Create an app that allows for easy pickup and delivery of laundry. The possibilities are endless!

The bottom line is to get a steady stream of loyal customers that will sustain your business through the convenience of your own mobile application

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Business

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Mobile app development is crucial to your business because to the clients, whatever experience they have in using your app is representative of your company. Have it developed and maintained by app experts at Design Develop Now as your company’s growth lies largely on how users engage and interact with your mobile application.

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