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Sourcing talent for small teams just got easier

Drawing top talents to a growing business can be tricky. We’ll set you up to attract, screen, and hire the right people without wasting resources.

Affordable talent solutions to grow with your organization.

You’re starting small, but your business will grow. DDN’s recruiting solutions will improve your processes and opportunities today and continue to serve your company throughout your journey. 


Build your reputation to bring qualified candidates to your door before your competitors’.


Develop a fool-proof vetting system to ensure compatibility and qualification.


Seal the deal with candidates who complement your culture and bring value to your business.

Why would top talent want to work for your organization?

There’s still some debate about what makes a company perfect for top talents, but there’s one thing everyone agrees on: your candidates want to get to know your company, your values, and your culture first.

Because you have a smooth process that creates trust.

We’ll help you develop tools to help candidates feel comfortable and confident in your hiring process, which will also reflect on the professionalism, efficiency, and employee-centric culture you maintain in your workplace.

Your careers site

Start with a site that introduces your business and tells visitors what you’re looking for.

Virtual interviews

Meeting in person is so pre-COVID. Conduct your entire interview process online.


Skip the time-consuming print, sign, scan process with a convenient e-sign feature.

Pre-screening assessments

Reduce wasted resources by filtering out candidates who aren’t a good fit.

Offer letters

When you find the one(s), pull and fill offer letters quickly and easily from your new platform.


Just like the virtual interview process, onboarding is made more efficient online.

No more candidate folders, excel sheets, and manual job postings

Work smarter, not harder. Throw out the outdated tools that soak up your resources and facilitate mistakes. DNN can transition you to an enjoyable and effective recruiting and hiring system.

Find, Attract, and Retain top talent with better systems

With clear communication, convenient processes, and efficient systems, your business can recruit talents that will lay the foundation for sustainable growth and success.

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