Stay professional with business e-mail

Stay professional with business

Build trust, and host your company email on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service.

Secure business email for growing companies

You don’t have to wait until you scale your business to get a professional email domain. Improve your impression, security, and efficiency with a self-hosted company email.

Be more productive

Be more productive

Increase your productivity with customized company inboxes, contacts, and mobile accessibility.

Organize professional contacts

Create and organize your professional contacts so your team can identify and reach them.

Organize professional contacts

Easily create shared inboxes

Easily create shared inboxes

Define user access with team inboxes to reduce the workload per person and improve productivity.

Stay connected on mobile

Connect to your email accounts on mobile to stay productive and informed anywhere and anytime.

Defend against threats

Hosting your own email on a secure service dramatically reduces the risk of cybercrime.

Defend against threats

Avoid spam

Avoid spam

Unwanted, unhelpful emails to your business account consume unnecessary resources.

Build trust with clients

An address at your domain tells users you’re established, professional, and trustworthy.

Build trust with clients

We help you setup business email for your entire team

Give everyone in your company a professional email address with your company name. Like, also create group mailing lists like or sales@your

How many accounts do you need?

It’s easy to get started. Let us know the scope of your service needs, and we’ll create a ready-to-use email platform directly on your existing domain.

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