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If you are looking for a web design company in St. Petersburg, Florida, an important point to keep in mind is to not just depend on website aesthetics. Web designing is not just about creating an aesthetically pleasing website; there’s more to it than meets the eye.

In fact, some web design agencies will just present a visually appealing website which can compromise the other functionalities that search engines look for.

For instance, functional elements should be considered — like website navigation, user interaction, and speed. Furthermore, marketing strategies like content marketing and digital advertising are cherry on top.

Here at Design Develop Now (DDN), we got your business needs covered. We will start with understanding your business needs and suggest the best option to help you every step of the way.

If you want your business to stand out among all the other competitions, the main goal is to make your website Google-friendly. This means you have to factor in the site speed, great user experience, rich content, and many more.

Therefore, if you want a Google-friendly site that’s guaranteed to build up your online presence, and boost your revenues, let Design Develop Now help you. Here are some factors you need to know on how a Google-friendly site should be.

Factors of a Good Site Design

Site’s Loading Speed

No one likes to navigate a page with a slow loading speed. So the goal of your site’s loading speed should be under three seconds. A slow loading time can affect your site’s visibility and conversion rate. Google is increasingly putting emphasis on user experience and page speed is an important factor.

Any expert web designer knows this. How can this be accomplished? By using a stable layout, clean codes, adequate caching techniques, and compressed images. The site’s loading speed is a significant factor you shouldn’t take for granted.

Page speed and core web vitals


Since almost everyone owns a mobile phone, expect that most internet users nowadays use their mobile phone to search for information on the web. Your website should be mobile-friendly.

A website that’s not mobile-friendly may be hard to view, and this leads to an increased bounced rate. Bounce rate means your site visitors exit your page immediately without any action.

web design company

User Interface (UI)

A Google-friendly site should have an easy-to-navigate user interface. What does this mean? The site visitors should quickly find the information they need with just a few clicks. Also, it must be easy to read, easy on the eyes, and contain relevant information.

User Experience (UI)

Aside from site speed, mobile-friendliness, and user interface, user experience should be considered too. All these factors affect the dwell time of the site visitors. This means if your site has a superb user experience, your site visitors dwell longer on your site.

If they don’t dwell long enough on your site and leave a few seconds later, this sends a red flag to Google. What happens? It can affect your site’s ranking, which is not good if you want your site to stand out.

DDN – The Web Design Company in St. Petersburg, Fl That Caters to All Web Design Needs

Here at DDN, we’re more than a website design company, but we’re your partners for your business growth. We got you all covered to help you build your online presence and make your site Google-friendly. There’s so much competition nowadays, but we will help your website stand out. Contact us now and let us do all the work.

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