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web design company in Orlando

Web Design Company in Orlando, Florida

Are you looking for ways to improve your online visibility and market your business better? Having a responsive and search engine-friendly website is a crucial factor that you should not overlook. In order to build one, you need the help of a web design company in Orlando, Florida.

 While many would focus on aesthetics, a great web developer knows that it takes MORE than just creating a visually pleasing website.

At Design Develop Now, we take the extra effort to understand our client’s business. We know that to come up with the best web design, we need to take into account the market competition as well as your business goals and objectives.

What are your products and services? Who is your target market? How stiff is the competition in your area? We have to consider all of these aspects.

For instance, if you are offering auto repair services in Orlando, Fl, you are competing with 239 others based on Yelp. Now when people search online, customers would only visit websites that are on the first page of Google (or the top 10 out of 240 auto repair companies in Florida).

In reality, it will be hard to get noticed if your website does not appear on the first pages of Google. Think of all the leads and potential customers you could be losing!

Choose a web design company that truly understands the important attributes of a Google-friendly website. can help you get a high ranking from Google. Your web builder should be able to create a website that is fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and with a great user interface.

Factors of a Great Website Design

Page Speed/Core Web Vitals

Page speed is one of the most important aspects of a website design. Users would most likely leave your site if it does not load in under 3 seconds. If that happens, chances are that they will go to your competitor.

Your web builder should know how to optimize videos and compress images on the site to improve page speed. It is also important to have clean codes and a good layout.

Page speed and core web vitals

Mobile-Friendly Test

Your website design should be available in both desktop and mobile versions. Since 66% of users search information using mobile gadgets, it is just understandable that Google gives a higher ranking to mobile-friendly websites. Besides, visitors would prefer sites with easier accessibility.

web design company

User Interface (UI)

Is your website easy to use and navigate? Users love websites that are direct, responsive, and functional.

User Experience (UX)

The experience of any user on your website should be easy and pleasant. All these factors mentioned above contribute to the dwell time or how long a user stays on your website. The goal is to increase the dwell time of visitors because this sends a signal to Google that your site is actually useful and informative. This will give your site a higher page ranking.

DDN – The Web Design Company in Orlando, Florida that Understands Your Goals

At DDN, your online success matters. We want to help you strengthen your brand position in the market and improve sales conversion by creating a Google-friendly website. Contact us today if you want to discuss more about what we can offer for your business.

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