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Are you in search of a web design company in Hialeah, Florida? Do not just choose on mere visual appeal. There are other more important and crucial factors that make your website rank in search engines.

Don’t get fooled by merely looking at their portfolio of good-looking sites. Web designing is not just about face value; there’s more to it than that. Some web designing companies focus too much on the page layout even without considering the market competition your business is going up against.

Here at Design Develop Now (DDN), we know what it takes to put up a visually appealing website, attract more customers, and help your business grow. Isn’t your main goal to grow your business by building your online presence?

Remember that you’re not the only business in your industry. You have a lot of competition out there. Your site should stand out for your business to grow. How can you do that? Have a Google-friendly website.

This is important, especially now that Google updated its parameters on how websites can rank high on Google. In August 2021, Google released a metric-scoring system called Core Web Vitals that scores the overall user experience on a website. So what does it take for a webpage to become Google-friendly? Here’s what you should know.

Important Factors in a Google-Friendly Webpage

Page Speed/Core Web Vitals

The Core Web Vitals is a metric-scoring system that scores user experience with three criteria:

  1. How quick the page content loads
  2. Speed of a webpage interaction
  3. How unstable does a webpage’s content load in the browser

All of these metrics measure the speed of a webpage. A webpage should only load for under three seconds. Any web design professional knows this and should aim for this. This is done by using image compression, clean codes, and a balanced web design.

Page speed and core web vitals


For a website to be Google-friendly, it should have cross-platform responsiveness. What does it mean? Your site should be responsive when users are using their desktop, tablet, and most importantly, their mobile phone. Most internet users search for information on the web using their mobile phones, so your site should be mobile-friendly.

web design company

User Interface (UI)

What’s the use of a visually appealing site, but users can’t do anything much in it? Another important priority for a webpage is to have an excellent user interface. A webpage should be easy to navigate, all the information they need should be within their reach, and all pages should be a few clicks away.

User Experience (UI)

After prioritizing page speed, cross-platform responsiveness, and user interface, you have to think of ways for users to stay longer on your site; this is called the dwell time. You don’t want your users to visit your site for just 10 seconds, then leave. You want them to dwell longer to buy a product or avail of a service.

DDN – The Website Design Company in Hialeah, Florida for Your Business Needs

If you’re not sure how to make your website Google-friendly, don’t worry about it. That’s our job. We’re not just good at it; we go beyond the mile and formulate a client-centered approach to make your business grow. Reach out to us now and learn more about how we can help you build your online presence.

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