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web design company in Ft Lauderdale Fl

Web Design Company in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Are you looking for a web design company in Ft Lauderdale, Fl, but do not know how to choose a good one? Before you fall into the trap of choosing based on mere aesthetics, bear in mind that not all web design companies are the same.

For one thing, most web design companies will just build your website without even considering the market competition that you, as a business owner, will be up against.

We at Design Develop Now do. We know it takes more than just putting together a visually appealing website. Because in reality, it really DOES take more than that.

For instance, if you are a plumber in Fort Lauderdale, there are about 239 other plumbers based on Yelp. Add this competition to the fact that only those websites that are on the first page of Google (or the top 10 out of 240 plumbers in Ft Lauderdale) will get leads and new customers.

With that being said, you need to begin with a website that is Google-friendly. By this, it means your website needs to load fast, is mobile-friendly, and has a good user interface.

This is especially more important now since August 2021, when Google rolled out all these parameters that help you get ranked in Google, known as the Core Web Vitals. After all, Google wants to give recommendations that will give the searcher a great user experience.

Do you want a site that seems to take forever to load? Of course you don’t – and neither does Google. So what are the important attributes of a Google-friendly website?

Factors of a Great Website Design

Page Speed/Core Web Vitals

Your website should load in under 3 seconds and only true web design professionals know how to do that. This can be done by clean codes, compressed images, and a good, stable layout. This collectively is measured as Core Web Vitals which Google fully implemented as part of a ranking factor as part of a good user experience.

Web Design Company in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Mobile-Friendly Test

Is your website mobile-friendly? The mobile-friendliness of a website is another ranking factor. Google puts priority in the mobile-friendliness of a website because at least 66% of searchers now use their mobile devices to search for information, products, and services.

mobile-friendly test

That being said, a website must be robust, dynamic, and responsive.

User Interface (UI)

Is your website easy to navigate for any user? Is it easy to search for information that a user might be looking for? Does it take less than 3 clicks to get to a page?

User Experience (UI)

All these factors affect the length of time a user stays on your site, called the dwell time. This is important to Google because, if a website visitor finds your site, only to leave some seconds later, it sends a signal to Google that your site does not have what the reader is looking for and hence, affect your site’s ranking eventually. for the keyword that the reader used.

DDN – The Web Design Company in Ft Lauderdale, Florida that Understands Your Goals

At DDN, we understand your business goals and we start your online presence with a website that will be search-engine friendly. Competition is increasingly stiff and building a good website that represents your business and gets you ahead is what we are here for. Contact us today for a free quote and a discussion of your business website needs.

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