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Navigating Covid Chaos – 7 Ways To Super-Power Your Business Presence

By: Helen Victoria
Date: March, 13th 2020

For those who had 2020 in their sights as a year of success, the recent arrival of a global pandemic will not be a welcome one. As if overnight, our collective worlds have changed beyond recognition. We have been plunged into remote working, socially isolating from our loved ones, and relying more on technology than ever before.

For some businesses, the arrival of the corona virus has spelt out certain disaster. Store front businesses have found themselves shutting up shop without any idea of when they will reopen their doors, and those who rely on meeting clients in person have found themselves harshly limited.

However – all is not lost!

In order to survive and thrive in the current circumstances, there are some great practices that you can start to apply to help you and your business to maximize potential success.

The true overcoming is found in the methodology!

Here are 7 ways that you can help your business to level up online during corona chaos:

1) Dust off your contacts book. In the not so distant past, it might have seemed rather ‘out of the blue’ to call up an old colleague or to send an e-mail to a customer from a long time ago. However, the current sense of togetherness we share in the current situation has allowed for a huge amount of reconnection potential both professionally and personally. Spend some time checking in with forgotten contacts. Who knows what a simple conversation may lead to, or what ideas might spring from doing so? You’ll also be refreshing your close reach contact list which will be useful to you once the storm has passed.

2) Ensure you aren’t tone-deaf. No matter what business you’re in, it’s crucial to ongoing success to help your customers and colleagues to feel both supported and connected. You don’t have to cancel marketing campaigns, but they might need adjusting to be appropriate. Check that your web pages don’t contain irrelevant news such as upcoming events that aren’t possible. Put together a concise, person centered mail-out that you can send to connect with the people that engage with your work. This approach will go a long way in ensuring your survival beyond the crisis.

3) Swap ‘face to face’ for ‘screen to screen’. In person meetings might not be an option right now, but this doesn’t have to implicate a total disconnect from colleagues and potential customers. In fact, this could be a better time than any other to communicate your business message and to communicate your ideas. Power up online meetings by familiarizing yourself with all of the available FREE or Low-cost services like Zoom, Skype & Google Hangouts. You’ll soon wonder how you operated without it!

4) Reconsider your offerings. Being able to pivot your business is vital right now. Instead of seeing this as an impossible challenge, approach the task as a creative one. What skills do you currently have that might transfer well to an online service or product? Appraise the skills of your team members you might have beyond their usual role to open up new possibilities. Revisit your resumé and consider what else you could bring to the game – it could lead to a whole new avenue for your business.

5) Head back to school. There is a plethora of free or low-cost educational courses cropping up online now. Expand your skillset and build on your already existing knowledge base. No matter what happens in life, knowledge is power! Don’t forget to communicate your activities on social media to continue to stay relevant with your customers and to build further authority in your industry. Remind the world of your relevance by demonstrating your ability to continue to grow even in difficult circumstances.

6) Learn to maximize your time. Are you someone who is constantly on the go, working to last-minute deadlines? Do you often wish you had more time for personal projects or family time in your regular routine? Now is the time to reassess where you spend the most amount of your energy and time. See if you can find ways to improve your working practices. Not only will this bring more joy to your working life, but it will have an immediate positive effect on your productivity beyond the lockdown period.

7) Nurture your online presence. When was the last time that sat down and read through your website with fresh eyes? Is there anything new you can bring to it? Could you ask someone from that contact list you dusted off earlier to give you a second opinion? This is a great time to renew your web content. Whether it’s sprucing up your social media pages, adding new blogs to your website, or revamping your newsletter templates – make this time count. More than that, make it work for you and your business so that you can reap the rewards later down the line.

No one can know for sure what the future holds. But in all honesty, we never really could. Life is changeable and it cannot be harnessed. Part of running a business is embracing change and adjusting as quickly and as deftly as possible.

Taking a rushed, firefighting approach is not helpful right now, in the same way that having a negative attitude is. Neither of these behaviors is helpful to you or your business. It’s important to take time to re-evaluate the situation in order to navigate effectively.

Be gentle with yourself and embrace each challenge as it presents itself. Taking things day by day is perfectly fine. Just make sure you’re using the positive practices like the ones listed in this article to keep moving in the right direction – upwards!

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