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Modernize your practice with Online Intake Forms

Online Intake Forms - The hassle-free solution to digitizing your paper-based forms.

Tired of Paperwork Headaches?

Say goodbye to manual intake and onboarding processes and hello to a seamless, efficient solution with Online Intake Forms. By digitizing your existing physical PDF forms, we’ll create a customizable web form that mirrors your current process, reducing errors, minimizing disruptions, and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Residents in the area finding your practice, first
An excellent patient centered experience online
Being top of mind to retain patients and get referrals

How It Works

We start by listening to understand your current operation, and then develop a tailored plan to reach key milestones for your practice.

Step 1:
Find a DDN Strategist
Step 2:
Define Project Budget, Timeline, & Goals
Step 3:
Begin Digital Healthcare Partnership

Choose the consultation
that’s best for you or your team.

Branding & Design Consultation

45 Minutes

Save $49

Key Topics :

Lead Generation Consultation


60 Minutes

Save 60%

Key Topics :

Bonus: Branded Facebook Cover Photo Design

Automation Consultation

90 Minutes

Save 60%

Key Topics :

Bonus: CRM Software Comparison

[Grow] Your Practice with Design Develop Now

Sometimes outsourcing makes far more sense than trying to do everything in-house. Every business is different. You might want to keep a tighter control over your workflow and start a marketing operation internally, outsource all marketing tasks, or develop a hybrid marketing operation with an internal team and digital partner. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to explore new ways of operating.

We’ve Seen All Types of Medical Marketing Challenges.
Better Yet, We’ve Solved Them.

I want to be the go-to practice in my area.
I want to spend more time on my practice, not my marketing.
I see less qualified practices getting patients I want.

I need to find the right
partner to help my
practice grow.

I want more of my
ideal patients.

I need a creative
strategy that reflects
my practice.

I need people to find
my practice online.

What I’m doing now
isn’t working and I
need a change.

Success Story

“Design Develop Now” is an extension of Total Health Medical Centers. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at with the ability to take more time off, and not worry about whether we have enough calls and leads converting into new patients.
Mark Kent
Chief Executive Officer, Care Management Resources LLC

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